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    Omaha Coalition of Citizen Patrols
    Procedure for Sign Removal

•	Locate sign
•	Determine if the sign is on public or private property.
•	Leave sign on private property.
•	Public property is generally considered 10 ft. behind curb, but near sidewalk, 
         sign removal should only be done between the curb and sidewalk
•	Remove sign on public property or tag with “Warning” sticker at volunteer’s discretion.
•	Do not walk on private property for removal of any sign.
•	Do not remove “Keep Kids Alive Drive 25” signs
•	Do not remove political campaign signs.
•	1n the event a confrontation should arise, handle per OCCP guidelines.
•	Transport all signs collected to the Public Works yards listed below.
•	Leave signs outside main gate of Public Works yard in snow-fenced area.
Public Works sign drop off sites