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Omaha Police Union Grants 2007: The Omaha Police Union will be issuing four $500.00 grants this year -
one for each precinct area.
Your submission must reach Chris Circo NLT March 1st - this is a firm date. Patrols that received a grant last year
are ineligible this year. I am not sure of the maximum words but last year it was 500 words or less - I suspect it is
the same this year.
This is a chance to purchase those magnetic signs, spot lights or scanner your Patrol needs - don't pass this one either. In In the event a precinct area does not have a submission, the Police Union will award multiple grants to other areas.
You can submit your application to
Chris at: Chris Circo, Omaha Police Union, 13445 Cryer Avenue, Omaha, NE 68144 or e-mail:
 Make sure it is in a format that can be opened.